November 21, 2011

DIY Intactivism Kit

The above photo is of my Guerrilla Intactavism kit that lives in my purse at all times.
Post-It notes in a bright color
pens and/or markers to write with
and, my personal favorite, WASHABLE dry-erase markers!

Just toss these items in a plastic bag or makeup bag (I found a zipper pouch CHEAP at Target) and there you go!  I leave messages via dry-erase marker or Post-it in every bathroom I visit, on every gas pump I use, and just about anywhere else I can think of to leave them!  I will be posting about more location ideas in the near future.  :)


  1. I print this on Avery labels (Avery J8165, J8565, L7165 or L7565) and stick them to the backs of toilet doors or above the urinals. It gets good exposure at concerts or other events, or even pubs and shopping centres. They are easily removed so won't cause any permanent damage, and doesnt mention any specific restoring site so no association/blame can be laid. On the balance of things, if it helps someone to learn about restoring or make them think twice about circumcising their sons then I think it is worth the slight inconvenience it might cause to a cleaner to tear them off.

  2. Simmo - Those are great! I'm wanting to do some labels soon too. I have them, I just have to sit down and find the time to do it. :)